The Marriage Enigma:


MAZE is the workshop style course that we run as a one day or three evening event for couples.

It was given its title because pursuing togetherness can be like walking through a complicated maze with numerous twists and turns and many blind alleys. An enigma is described in the dictionary as:

  • Anything or anyone puzzling or inexplicable
  • Containing a hidden meaning to be discovered
  • A perplexing or mysterious riddle

Marriage can  be a mix of any or all of these definitions, and so MAZE aims to offer some key tactics that will help in the lifelong process of discovering your own route through to the central heart of relationship.

It is divided into six sessions covering the following topics:

Attitudes and Aims

Busyness and Boredom

Credit and Crises

Dates and Dreams

Energy and Exclusivity

Forgiveness and Freedom

For each session we give a live 20-30 minute presentation following which there is half an hour for couples to discuss and work on the activities given in the handbook. There is background music so that discussions can be  private and there is no sharing of personal information with anyone other than your own partner.

We work on a voluntary basis in order to keep your costs to a minimum, and are happy to travel to your location for simply the cost of the handbooks and our travel expenses. If overnight accommodation is required, we are quite comfortable in host homes, again in order to minimise costs.

To put on a MAZE event in your area, we would need you to gather a minimum of 5 couples, source a suitable venue and arrange catering and refreshments. The ideal room layout is tables for two, with enough space in between to permit private discussions.

We bring with us a selection of the books that we recommend during the course and these are available for sale on the day.

Do feel free to contact us if you are interested to ask further questions.