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From the statistics we hear in respect of failed relationships, as well as our own conclusions, it appears that sticking together in today’s culture isn’t as easy as ABC! The evidence is all around us. Our whole society is affected by the hurt, damage and financial hardships that result from broken families. If the formula for being happy in a relationship was as simple as learning to read or write, we would all be experts.

However, our own experience is that since we were married in 1978 we are still learning on a daily basis and, whether you have been together for five months or fifty years, no doubt you are still learning too! It was only after 28 years together that we first went on a relationship course. We had considered that we had a good marriage, but what we learned about each other through the course was a huge milestone in developing it from good to better. Since then we have seen the value of continually setting time aside to talk and reinvest.

For many couples, when the fireworks of first attraction have fizzled out, the effort involved in pursuing the dream of a deeply satisfying togetherness seems an impossible task. We would love you to prove this assumption wrong as you embark on the exciting adventure that we are setting before you.

We are a very ordinary couple with experiences similar to many of yours. By God’s daily grace we have raised four children and scraped through endless challenges. Gradually our rough edges are being smoothed, and we are daring to recognise and accept our real selves as well as each other. Our capacity for true love is increasing as our understanding continues to grow.

Just as a healthy diet will fail to keep us in trim if we return to our old eating habits, so we have had to recognise that the development of our emotional and relational skills is only effective in as much as we continue to put into practice what we learn, and allow both our successes and our mistakes to make us more mature in our characters.

Our passion is to support and encourage all those of you who want to know that you are not alone in your struggles and it is our great delight to offer you the hope of rekindling your first love as you engage with the  activities provided by either MAZE or THE MAGAZINE.

“Marriage education workshops can make a real difference in helping married couples stay together and in encouraging unmarried couples who are living together to form a more lasting bond.”

Barack Obama 2006

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John and Sue